What is Kinderkinetics?

Kinderkinetics is a specialized field, which focuses on children from newborn to 12 years of age.

It's focus is on maintaining, strengthening, improvement and optimizing of physical and motor skills in order to achieve child wellness.

It plays an important role in the motor and physical development of babies, toddlers and young children.

Why is Kinderkinetics important for you baby/toddler/child?

Regular exercise is like medicine for children and it is relatively risk free and an inexpensive investment for your child's health and future wellness.

Research has proven that there is a positive relationship between children with motor deficits and children with lower scholastic achievement.

Kinderkinetics form the base for sport and school readiness and it ensures your child will be equipped with the basic skills for their school career.

Why is it important to develop your child now?

In the development of the child's brain, there is a critical time period where development must take place. If you fail to stimulate your child during this time period, your child's ability for stimulation and learning will be lowered, as he grows older.

A lack of motor stimulation at an early age may have different consequences in later years. It can lead to a permanent deficit which can not be erased later in the child's life.